My name’s Anton Eprev and I’m a software developer working as front-end engineer at Booking.com in Amsterdam. Tinker with electronics and 3D printers in spare time. I’m on Twitter, GitHub and Unsplash.

What’s worth watching

  • Ben Maurer (Facebook) on “Web speed @ Facebook” (2016): shipping the page incrementally, packaging resources based on their usage patterns, early flushing, deferred dependencies, performance measurements, JavaScript’s lazy parsing.
  • Matthew Flaming (New Relic) on “Building a system that never stops” (2016): what challenges come with the scaling systems?
  • Pual Lewis (Google) on “High performance web user interfaces” (2016): applying RAIL (Response-Animation-Idle-Load) principles in practice.
  • Scott Jenson (Google) on “The Physical Web is a Speed Issue” (2015): there is no need to have a gazillion of apps installed on your smartphone in order to interact with things around you.
  • Guy Podjarny (Snyk) & Assaf Hefet (Snyk) on “Tracking Vulnerabilities in Your Third Party Code” (2015): these guys built a tool that helps you track and fix vulnerabilities in your Node.js application dependencies.